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What we do:


Pressure Washing-  


* Wood decks, composite decks, houses, fences, patios pavers (sealing after cleaning if     interested), outdoor furniture and more.....


Deck Restoration-


* Evaluate- A free estimate is the initial step to determine the condition of your outdoor structure.


* Cleaning- The first step is a proper cleaning.  Depending on the condition of your deck, certain cleaning solutions may be needed to enhance the proper removal of dirt, mold and or mildew.  A chemical stripper may be necessary, depending on when the deck was last maintained and what type of product was used.


* Repairing- Wood that is rotting, chipped or cracked may need to be removed and replaced prior to the application of any sealers to the deck.


* Sanding- Prior to sanding the deck, we will reset and nail heads that are raised above the surface.  Next we will sand the wood which will open the pores as well as smoothening the boards and handrails.  This will refreshen the appearance of the deck.  If you have a solid sealer on the deck where areas are chipping, we will sand those areas prior to the application of the sealer.


* Sealing- The final process in maintenance is the sealing of the deck.  All sealers will be applied by hands brush for proper penetration of the product and an even covering.  






























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Hit the Deck Inc.
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email: hitthedeckinc@gmail.com

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